FOUR TRIPS AHEAD, Step Into My World -- Directed by Dustin Waldman and assistant Matt Clegg,
Shot in one night in our rehearsal space in the infamous NYC Music Building.

#Reclaimrockmusic 2016

Coming October 14th - The new album from FOUR TRIPS AHEAD,

Available on limited edition colored vinyl from HiFi Records


For FOUR TRIPS AHEAD it's the struggle for identity, self-reliance and faith in the midst of chaos and frustration and the belief that the pursuit of love can help you rise above all conflict, no matter how great or daunting. Musically, it's bold, brash and dynamic while lyrically it explores the aforementioned themes within various characters trying to make sense of their given lot.

Our EP is available to purchase on iTunes, Bandcamp and other online stories. Get the EP here:


who is Four Trips Ahead?

Four Trips Ahead is a melodic NYC hard rock band that possesses an urgency and maturity, marking them as a force to be reckoned with in modern rock music. Learn more about Four Trips Ahead and listen to some of our
music below.

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