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Interview: Center Stage Mag

Meet the voice behind the band who spends their time making efforts to 'reclaim rock music, Four Trips Ahead. Originating in New York City, Four Trips Ahead works to create powerful and spirited music backed with meaningful lyrics. The band sets themselves apart from many modern day rock releases by taking the listener on a journey of sorts, exploring many different aspects of everyday life that will leave you thinking about what you just heard. Not only do the lyrics captivate the listener, but the heavy guitar work, 'in-your-face' vocals and hard hitting percussion are what will initially draw the listener to the band.

Feature: The Prelude Press--Don Vigil Interviews FTA Lead Singer Peter Wilson

Q&A with Peter Wilson of Four Trips Ahead: "The Key is Always Being Sincere in Your Approach."

It's no secret that art imitates life, and Four Trips Ahead's new full-length, ...And The Fire Within is a perfect example of just that. Whether the songs were inspired by the diverse music scene in New York City, the strangers they encounter on the subway coming to and from rehearsal, the current political climate or their own personal struggles, each track on ...And The Fire Within is carefully crafted and incredibly honest. With the album out now (and the first vinyl pressing coming on April 22nd) the band are continuing to dig deep with their new video for "Bring Me Down." Read about ...And The Fire Within, the band's plans for the coming months and more below!

Review: Sea of Tranquility by Butch Jones

Big swooping choruses, hard hitting rhythms and a modern Alt-Rock spin on Hard Rock/Metal is what you will find inside this 2nd full length album, ...And The Fire Within, from NYC hard hitters, Four Trips Ahead. Already with one full length record and four EP's to their credit, Four Trips Ahead have stepped up to the plate and delivered the goods with this great sounding, 10 song release...

Feature: The New Fury

Big choruses and hard-driving guitar riffs combine to create something truly special on the new album from alternative metal/rock band, Four Trips Ahead. Their new album, …And The Fire Within, is a truly dynamic style of music that is best described (not easily, though) as the meeting point of alt-metal, 70’s hard rock, and progressive rock. You could liken this album to a more streamlined version of mid to late period Porcupine Tree, and given that band’s prodigious discography, that’s a massive compliment. The band described themselves in a recent interview as “Melodic loud hard rock with harmonies and a heavy backbeat that’s not afraid to incorporate and explore elements of metal, prog and pop”.

You can stream the new album below, too...

AXS Review: '...And The Fire Within' by Four Trips Ahead

This Friday, March 31 is the official vinyl release of the dynamically bold new Four Trips Ahead album "…And The Fire Within." This hard-hitting band from NYC refers to this album as the culmination of a very fulfilling and highly creative time for them as individuals and as a group.  By combining razor-sharp lyrics with their unique sound Four Trips Ahead has come up with music that is exciting and offering something new for the modern rock world. With a gritty heaviness they delve into the struggles we all face in life, such as searching for our identity and trying to keep the faith while in the midst of chaotic world full of conflict. These seasoned rockers are proving to the world they have something to say and will be a force to be reckoned with.

"…And The Fire Within" was produced by lead vocalist Peter Wilson. Recently AXS spoke with Peter about how events happening in the world influenced him while creating this album. Click here to read the interview. The album is available as a limited edition orange sunburst vinyl record, a standard black vinyl record as well as digitally, order here.




Queens-based band Four Trips Ahead has already garnered much attention with their movement to reclaim rock music. Their lead single “Bring Me Down” hits close to home, using nothing less than pure hard rock, urging us to question authority and find the strength needed to resist. These are some underlying themes that are prevalent throughout the four-piece’s new album …And The Fire Within, which will be available digitally on Friday, Mar. 17, and will be released on vinyl via Astoria’s HiFi Records on Record Store Day, Apr. 22. One day before the vinyl hits stores, the band has a record release party set for Apr. 21 at Astoria’s SingleCut Brewery