“If it’s something inside, I will let it out today.”

Lyrics from their upcoming full-length album titled, "…And The Fire Within"—the new hard-hitting, gritty release from New York City’s FOUR TRIPS AHEAD.  With this album, the band has created their strongest, most cohesive work to date without compromising their artistic integrity.

Produced by lead vocalist Peter Wilson, tracks were mixed by Johnny Nice (Amy Lee, Joel Hoekstra, Rihanna) and Grammy and Emmy Award-winning engineer Nick Cipriano (Dream Theater, Twisted Sister, Erasure, Donald Fagen) at Spin Recording Studios and mastered by legendary mastering engineer Roger Lian (Rush, Muse, Slayer, Pantera, Coheed and Cambria).

This album is the culmination of a highly creative and fulfilling period for the band that Good Times Magazine recognized as among “The Best of ReverbNation: Long Island and New York City.” Combining their exciting, adventurous trademark sound and poignant lyrics with fully realized production, the new songs possess the urgency and maturity that mark FOUR TRIPS AHEAD as a force to be reckoned with in the modern rock music landscape.

FOUR TRIPS AHEAD roots date back to 2003 when the seasoned New York City musicians first came together in search of a new creative outlet. Instantly, the quartet recognized their common musical interests -- creating heavy rock sounds with strong melodies and progressive dynamics. The band soon brought their high-energy music to audiences on the East Coast and throughout the United States, including the CMJ Music Marathon (NYC) and Organic Entertainment’s showcase at the WE Festival in North Carolina, as well as overseas, being featured in notable UK rock publication, Fireworks UK, appearing on several of its issues and music samplers while garnering great reviews and international radio airplay in England, Germany, France and Belgium. With four EPs and a full-length album in the band’s repertoire, their last EP, “Love and Rebellion” debuted at #6 “Most Added” on the CMJ Hard Rock/Metal charts in February 2015.  “…And The Fire Within” has been a success at radio, charting consistently in Metal Contraband’s National Top 50 Radio Charts for eight consecutive weeks in spring 2017, with its highest placement at #34 garnering heavy rotation on American college, commercial and specialty Hard Rock/Metal radio formats including top-ten placements on various major stations.  Moreover, their latest video, “Bring Me Down,” debuted on AXS.com to an enthusiastic response.

FOUR TRIPS AHEAD’s new album explores the struggle for identity, self-reliance and faith in the midst of chaos and conflict, standing apart from much of today's contrived rock releases. Musically, “…And The Fire Within” is bold, dynamic and memorable while lyrically exploring the aforementioned themes within various characters, trying to make sense of their given lot. Now step into their world.

"...And The Fire Within" is available digitally and on CD via Dr. Music Records.


“Heavy and snarling distorted guitar collides with vigorous percussion and forceful vocals to result in a captivating beginning, with Four Trips Ahead showing themselves as a band gets to the point.”
— Obscure Sound


Peter Wilson lead vocals

Peter Wilson
lead vocals

Brian Eisenpresser Guitarist

Brian Eisenpresser

Dan Cassidy bassist

Dan Cassidy

Ken Candelas Drummer

Ken Candelas

This EP (The Memories) has got great guitar work, great vocals and some hi-energy drumming and, what’s more, it’s got proper songs.
— Uberrock

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Bloody hell, this is intense.
— Powerplay

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Four Trips Ahead has sounded the call for the new decade…
— Rock Realms
Four Trips Ahead fetches classic prog-rock the likes of Rush and Porcupine Tree, mixing it with modern alt-rock sound and big catchy choruses…it allows the band a broader audience not usually friendly to the genre.
— Bootleg Magazine

FTA plays a nice melodic (modern, but with some nostalgic feel nevertheless) heavy rock with catchy grooves. That this don’t always have to happen through roughed-up vocals and heavy music, the band prove through the more introvert and semi-acoustic “ballad” “Memento”…here’s the kind of stuff a broad range of music lovers might call out for…
— ConcreteWeb