MUSIC EXISTENCE Interview: Peter Wilson of Four Trips Ahead on new album ‘…And the Fire Within,’ Reclaiming Rock Music

As the stagnation of heavy rock remains relevant, Four Trips Ahead are taking a stand. The New York quartet bolsters a ‘ReclaimRockMusic’ hashtag on social media, calling for a renewed sense of vigor and lyrical substance in the genre that had long since faded. Such an aesthetic was fully realized on their newest album, …And the Fire Within, a milestone in the widest sense. “Bring Me Down” is the album’s upstanding carrier single. Its music video was promoted via major network AXS, further instating the band’s impact.

I caught up with Four Trips Ahead vocalist Peter Wilson to discuss their burgeoning days, the new album’s multiple conceptual angles, and the state of rock music today. Ultimately, diligence, faith, and quality songwriting are the essential components helping the band persevere after over a decade together.