AXS Review: '...And The Fire Within' by Four Trips Ahead

This Friday, March 31 is the official vinyl release of the dynamically bold new Four Trips Ahead album "…And The Fire Within." This hard-hitting band from NYC refers to this album as the culmination of a very fulfilling and highly creative time for them as individuals and as a group.  By combining razor-sharp lyrics with their unique sound Four Trips Ahead has come up with music that is exciting and offering something new for the modern rock world. With a gritty heaviness they delve into the struggles we all face in life, such as searching for our identity and trying to keep the faith while in the midst of chaotic world full of conflict. These seasoned rockers are proving to the world they have something to say and will be a force to be reckoned with.

"…And The Fire Within" was produced by lead vocalist Peter Wilson. Recently AXS spoke with Peter about how events happening in the world influenced him while creating this album. Click here to read the interview. The album is available as a limited edition orange sunburst vinyl record, a standard black vinyl record as well as digitally, order here.