Good Times Goodbye


Good Times Goodbye


Produced by lead vocalist Peter Wilson and mixed by drummer and Grammy Award-winning engineer Nick Cipriano, “Good Times Goodbye” is the hard-hitting, gritty new single from Four Trips Ahead’s as-yet-untitled upcoming spring 2013 release.


released 19 February 2013 
© 2012 Four Trips Ahead music. Produced by Peter Wilson. Engineered and Mixed by Nick Cipriano. Music by Peter Wilson, Nick Cirpriano, Dan Cassidy, and Brian Eisenpresser. Lyrics by Peter Wilson.

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Good times I wonder 
Good times I blunder 
Good times—you shake my hand, fuck around 
Everybody just falls in. 

Good times I wonder 
Good times you plunder 
Good times—you hold me down, cover up 
And everybody can’t see straight. 

I’m going down. 

Good times I feel it 
Underneath the ceiling 
Good times—you weigh me down, can’t connect 
And nobody knows my name. 

Good times I hold out 
Some kind of bailout 
Good times—the man he says we can, we can 
We can’t. 

I won’t take this.