FTA Live in Brooklyn

FOUR TRIPS AHEAD rocks Brooklyn this month. Come down to hear new songs from the band's latest EP, "The Memories," out now on 505 Records. Showtime is 11:00pm. Admission is $8.00. For more information, visit www.fourtripsahead.com. Can't wait to see you there.

A big warm hug

FTA Family! Thank you for making our CD release party this past Saturday at the Delancey in NYC so special. A big hug for all of you who officially welcomed Nick Cipriano into the band. As many of you remarked, this is Four Trips Ahead fully realized. Our new EP, "The Memories", is officially available today! Please order your CD or download the full album at www.fourtripsahead.com. And tell your friends. RECLAIM ROCK MUSIC.

Welcome Home

Hi folks.  Yeah, we missed you too.  It's been nearly six months since we've seen you on the stage.  We've been very busy as you now can hear and see.  Let us know what you think of the new songs from "The Memories", our latest release. Also, share your thoughts about the sleek new website. And be sure to catch us live at THE DELANCEY in NYC on Saturday, May 22nd at 9:15pm for our CD release party. It will be a hot night. We promise.