New Mixes and Back To The Stage

FTA Family! Long time no speak. Much has happened over the past few months--both challenging and life-affirming--but it has made the music we are creating that much stronger. We have completed mixes at Spin Recording Studios for three songs at this stage--"The Escape", "There's a Time" and "Good Times, Goodbye"--and are anxious to get to work on the remaining tracks for our upcoming spring 2013 EP release. To give you a taste, we will be releasing a single in the coming weeks. Believe us--it will all be worth the wait. Keep your eyes peeled for the official release date. In more immediate news, FOUR TRIPS AHEAD returns to the live stage with a performance for NYC's 2012 MEANY FEST! FTA will rock FAT BABY (112 Rivington Street between Ludlow and Essex) on Saturday, October 13th. Showtime is 9:45pm. With at least half of our set filled with new songs, it promises to be a hot night, so don't miss it!

As always, thanks for your support. See you on the stage.

Gig in March, Single & EP soon

Happy Belated New Year FTA Family! No we aren't hibernating. Quite the contrary--FOUR TRIPS AHEAD has been busy writing and recording what will shape up to be our new EP released this fall 2012 followed by a new full length release in early 2013. We plan to release the new single, "The Escape", in late March to give you a taste of what's to come. Watch out for the official release announcement in the coming weeks. We think you'll be excited. To celebrate the release of the single and to give you a preview of our new music, FOUR TRIPS AHEAD will be playing the illustrious SANTOS PARTY HOUSE (96 Lafayette Street) in NYC on SATURDAY, MARCH 24TH. Showtime is 8:15pm. Admission is $10.00. Visit or call their 24-hour hotline at (212) 714-4646 for more information. We promise this to be a full-on, fired-up rock show to kick off our live performances for 2012. We can't wait to see you there. RECLAIM ROCK MUSIC.

Writing, Recording And Getting Merry...

Happy Holidays FTA Family! We hope you're enjoying this winter season. It has been a particularly fruitful time for FOUR TRIPS AHEAD as we have been writing some of our strongest material over the past few months. The plan is to head into the studio in January to finish some guitars for a few songs at Analogue Music while the entire band will in March 2012 at Spin Recording Studios to capture the fantastic vibe of our new songs. Our next release promises to be very special. FTA will also return to the live stage in the coming weeks. Details to follow soon.

By the way, our friends across the ocean at Fireworks UK, one of the best hard rock/metal publications available, are already excited about our new, upcoming single, "The Escape" and plan to include it in one of their next compilations early next year. It will be a fitting way to kick off the new year. We promise to let you know when the mag hits the shelves and the web.

In the meantime, RECLAIM ROCK MUSIC in 2012.

Recording, Meany Fest + Movie Music!

FTA rockers!  We hope you all had a great summer.  A big hug to all of you who came out to see us at the Highline Ballroom in NYC in August.  It was nice to escape the studio for a bit.  Speaking of recording, we have decided to try something new.  Starting in January 2012, we will be releasing a new song every month for your listening pleasure.  Writing has been going splendidly and recording is sounding MASSIVE. As a result, we hope to make all of our new songs ultra-special, not just a batch of tracks. We expect to release an official single early in the year with an accompanying video as well.  How awesome is that!

Some other great news: talented filmmaker and FTA enthusiast, Daniel Kennedy, has used the track, "The Memories" from our similarly named EP for his latest short film, "Metal Gear".  "The Memories" is played through the closing credits as its subject matter mirrors the plot.  Even more exciting, "Metal Gear" was selected for the 2011 Williamsburg International Film Festival.  FTA is fired up that our music will be a part of such a cool action film in a great venue.  We promise to give you the details about the screening in late September as soon as possible.  A link to "Metal Gear" will follow.

And finally, FOUR TRIPS AHEAD will be performing as part of the Meany Fest in NYC.  Catch our set at The Bowery Poetry Club (308 Bowery between Houston and Bleecker) on Friday, October 14th at 9:45pm. Admission is $10.00.  Ages 16+.  Expect lots of new music and high energy as we shake off recording studio madness for the live stage.  Can't wait to see you there.

A Hot Summer Night at the Highline!

FOUR TRIPS AHEAD returns to the NYC concert stage this summer at the Highline Ballroom (431 West 16th Street between 9th and 10th Avenues) on Friday, August 5th at 8:30pm. Admission is $10. Ages 16+.  New songs.  Big sounds. High energy.  Don't miss it!  For tickets and other information, visit the following links:


Hot Fun In the Studio-Time!

FTA Heads!  Hope you are enjoying your summer.  We are getting closer to finishing the three new songs we began tracking at Spin Recording Studios a few weeks back.  Tracking has resumed this month at Analogue Muse in NYC and is going famously.  Nick and Dan have completed the massive sounding rhythm tracks for all three songs.  Peter has just completed vocals on two of the tracks, "Good Times Goodbye" and "The Escape", while Brian is in the midst of guitar madness.  FOUR TRIPS AHEAD hopes to have at least two of the songs fully mixed and mastered by the end of July.  Now the question is do we release a single or do we track a few more new gems in the fall and put out a killer EP?  Hmmm...

New Photos and RockUnited/ConcreteWeb Buzz

Hello FTA Family!  A big hug to those of you who made it out to the Highline Ballroom in NYC a few weeks ago as we briefly escaped the studio.  Glad you enjoyed the new songs.  As we continue recording our new three-song single (which is coming along famously), we want to say hello and share some press we've received recently.  Read our "All About the Album" feature on (May 11, 2011) to find out some of the background story on the writing and recording of "The Memories" EP.  Special thanks to the folks at ConcreteWeb who keep holding the FTA flag high.  We promise not to disappoint you. We've also posted a few snapshots of us tracking at Spin Recording Studios.  Look out for a video short for the new single soon. Patience friends--it will be worth the wait.  RECLAIM ROCK MUSIC.

A quick one while we are away...

FOUR TRIPS AHEAD is sneaking out of the studio to play The Highline Ballroom (431 West 16th Street between 9th and 10th Avenues), one of NYC's premier venues on Saturday, April 23rd. Showtime is 8:30pm sharp. 16+ admission. Big sounds! New songs! High energy! Can't wait to see you there. RECLAIM ROCK MUSIC.

New FTA Single!

Hi Folks!  FOUR TRIPS AHEAD is excited about entering Spin Recording Studios in Long Island City at the end of this month to record a few new tracks for your listening pleasure.  Expect big grooves, blaring guitars, rousing melodies and pure rock energy.  Judging from the reaction to the new songs at our last few shows, you will definitely be pleased.  Stay posted for studio reports and photos as well as upcoming gigs.  Talk soon.

FTA Catalog Available On Amazon!

FTA fans!  FOUR TRIPS AHEAD  wants everyone to know that the FTA catalog will be officially released via this coming Tuesday, February 8th! Now you can purchase our latest release, "The Memories" and our self-titled full length album from 2008 as well as our EPs, "39th Street Lullabies" and "The 505 Sessions" on the site.  Feel free to share our music with everyone you know: it'll make you feel good. For our European fans, grab the upcoming issue of Fireworks UK, available this Monday, February 7th, for an FTA review and interview. The band is also on the accompanying TSM CD sampler, represented by "Remembering Who I am".

And in case you haven't already, visit to view our brand new video for "This Night".